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Release date 16 June 2012

User Votes 6.1

Countries USA,
Stars Indiana Evans, Brenton Thwaites, Denise Richards,
Genres Romance,
Blue Lagoon: The Awakening is an
American television film that premiered on Lifetime Television on June 16, 2012. The movie is a remake of the various versions of the theatrical movie of the same name.Brenton Thwaites and Indiana Evans have been cast into the lead roles. Denise Richards appeared in a supporting role, and Christopher Atkins, the male lead of the 1980 film version made a cameo..
Plot: Two teenagers are stranded on an island and fall in love. As Dean, a lonely slacker in high school, and Emma, a perfect student, explore and learn about one another, they also learn about themselves.
Story: Two teenagers are stranded on an island and fall in love. As Dean, a lonely slacker in high school, and Emma, a perfect student, explore and learn about one another, they also learn about themselves.

Did you know: Christopher Atkins, who plays Mr. Christiansen, played Richard in the 1980 version alongside Brooke Shields

Emma and Dean are two high school students where Emma is a popular girl while Dean is a school outcast. Their class is planning a trip to Trinidad. Emma's friends think Emma will finally get to know and hang out with Stephen, the quarterback. Emma is really excited for the trip, while Dean isn't even sure he wants to go. The class departs for the island. Once they arrive, they have fun at the hotel, except Dean, who stays alone in his room. Later that night, a bunch of students on the trip sneak off to a Carnival party on a boat. Emma is reluctant to go, but her friends pressure her into joining them. The students get on board and the boat leaves. While on the boat, Emma sees Stephen kissing another girl, and is a little upset. Then, the boat is stopped and boarded by the local authorities. In the panic, Emma is pushed overboard into the Caribbean Sea. Dean jumps in after her. They get in the dinghy and Dean unlatches it from the boat, knowing he can't afford any more trouble with the law. Both the police boat and the party boat pull away, leaving Emma and Dean in the middle of the sea. The weather gets bad and a storm arrives. Emma and Dean take cover under a tarp and drift away.
The next morning, they wake up all alone, in the middle of nowhere. Emma sees an island in the distance. They begin to paddle. Meanwhile, at the hotel, the class trip has been canceled and the students are going back home. It is discovered that Emma and Dean are missing. The police begin a search, but are not overly concerned, saying this sort of thing happens often with teenagers. Emma's parents and Dean's father are told the news and fly to Trinidad. Emma and Dean reach the island. They walk all over, looking for a hotel or any signs of human life. They find nothing. They return to the beach to find that the dinghy floated away. Time begins to slowly pass. Despite their best efforts and the financial support of Dean's father, the search is abandoned. While together on the island, Emma and Dean grow close. Dean calls Emma "Prom Queen", a nickname Emma never really understands. It is also revealed that Dean's mother died in a car accident that Dean feels responsible for. Before she passed, Dean's mom shared with him the legend of the greenflash, a green light that can sometimes be see on the horizon, just as the sun sets. Dean finds a skeleton on the island near where they were sleeping and this pushes Emma over the edge. She starts crying and gets very scared, and this is when Dean and Emma start their relationship. He comes over to reassure her that they'll be okay, and kisses her. They keep kissing and end up making love that night by a fire.
The next morning Emma wakes up and Dean is missing. She runs through the forest looking for him, and finds him digging a grave in a clearing. She starts to yell at him asking why he would leave her and what on earth he's doing. He seems angry and tells her that the man they found deserved to have a funeral and be buried. Seeing him hurt, she softens and begs him to tell her what he's feeling. He says that they only had sex once, and are in no way soul mates. Trying to get him to talk to her, she accidentally falls and gets a nasty cut on her leg. He carries her to the lagoon and apologizes for what he said. He tells her he couldn't live without her and he was only acting weird because he never went to his mothers funeral, feeling responsible for her death. She takes him skinny dipping as they tell each other their pasts.
Throughout the next few weeks the two swim and explore on their island together, having fun with each other's company. One afternoon, the couple is making love in their hut. Afterwards, they lie together and she asks if they should feel guilty that they aren't sad, considering that their families think they're dead. He seems that he doesn't want to think about going home, and tells her they just need to focus on each other. She asks him who his first time was. He tells her it was a girl from college, whom he wanted to learn things from. They joke and laugh until he asks her who her first time was. She giggles and hesitates, and finally admits it was him. This surprises him, but they both admit that they were glad he was her first. While she's asleep, he goes out into the forest to pick her flowers, and sees a plane go by. Dean can't find the flare gun, and the plane keeps going without seeing them. They blame each other for the missing gun and items, and when he trys to calm her down she warns him never to touch her again. Their relationship is on the rocks, and in spite of something to do Dean goes into the woods to take care of the noise that has been bothering Emma. It turns out to be a black panther, and attacks Dean when he trips over a stump. Emma finds him after he kills the cat with his knife.
They go to the lagoon and skinny dip so that she can help him clean all of his cuts. They kiss and make up and spend their next few weeks swimming and kissing, and end up moving their hut deeper into the forest for protection. Emma gets sick and Dean takes care of her. He asks if it was the fish, but then ends up thinking she might be pregnant. She reassures him shes not and then they find a monkey that has been stealing their stuff aswell as their flare gun.
After three months on the island, Emma and Dean are rescued by a helicopter pilot who spots the pair while flying over the island. They return home. Emma is tremendously popular, once again. Dean goes back to being a loner. Things are very tense between them. Dean visits his mother's grave, tells her about the greenflash, and thanks her for watching over him and Emma. Prom comes, and Emma goes with her sister. Dean doesn't originally go, but changes his mind. Emma spots Dean standing outside the prom venue in the pouring rain. She goes outside and they kiss. The movie concludes with them dancing in the rain.
Indiana Evans as Emmaline "Emma" Robinson

Brenton Thwaites as Dean McMullen
Denise Richards as Barbara Robinson
Frank John Hughes as Phil Robinson
Patrick St. Esprit as Jack McMullen
Christopher Atkins as Mr. Christiansen
Hayley Kiyoko as Helen