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The Pact is a 2012 American horror film written
and directed by Nicholas McCarthy and starring Caity Lotz and Casper van Dien. The film was made following the success of McCarthy's short film of the same name which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. The films follows Annie, whose mother has recently passed away, as she tries to discover what caused her sister, Nicole, and her cousin, Liz, to disappear. The film premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival on 20 January, opening to generally favourable reviews. The film was released in the USA on June 6, 2012 in select cinemas and 8 June, 2012 in the UK and Ireland.
The film opens with a green eye staring into the camera. It blinks and turns blue.
Nicole Barlow (Bruckern) is at her childhood home, finalizing preparations for her mother's funeral. She calls her sister, Annie (Lotz), and asks her to come down. Annie says no, reminding her sister of the way their mother used to treat them, before they begin to argue.
 Later, Nicole sits down at her computer and makes a video call to her cousin, Liz (Perkins), before asking to speak to her daughter, Eva (Bright). Due to a bad connection, Nicole begins to wander around the house. When she gains decent connection, her daughter asks who the person is behind her. Startled, Nicole turns around to see nothing but an open door, leading into a dark room. With the connection lost, Nicole sets the laptop down and walks into the room.
By the time Annie arrives at the house, she has multiple voice-mails from Liz, informing her that Nicole is missing. Annie tries calling Nicole, only to find her phone in the closet. After picking up the phone, she hears a thud in another room. Upon inspection, she finds some keys and a photograph on the floor. When Annie falls asleep that night, she dreams of the corridor in her mother's house.
She moves down the hall and into the room at the end, where we see the outline of a figure. Annie wakes up and walks into the kitchen, where she finds a jar of pickles and two sticks of butter on the floor. She puts them on the counter, then starts back to her bedroom when she steps on a broken photo frame laying on the floor.
 She removes a shard of glass from her foot and looks at the photo, identifying the pregnant woman in the photo as her mother. She unfolds the other half of the photo to find another pregnant woman wearing a white dress with red floral designs who she seemingly has no recollection of.
The next day, Annie attends her mother's funeral and a close up shows that Annie has one blue eye and one green eye. Looking into the casket, we see that her mother also has one green eye and one blue eye. After the funeral, Annie sees Liz who has brought Eva, who Annie hasn't met before. Liz and Annie discuss Nicole's disappearance and Annie believes that Nicole has just run off because she couldn't deal with the funeral and Annie says it's normal for people in her family to run off to avoid unpleasant situations. Annie invites them back to her mother's house. That night, Liz puts Eva to bed, then Liz and Annie talk about Nicole's disappearance and how her mother treated Annie and her sister. Annie still believes Nicole has just run off and will return when things settle down.
Later, in Annie's dream, a man wearing now shirt sits on a bed, crying. While she sleeps, her phone flickers and shows a map pinpointing an address. Liz wakes up and checks outside her room in the hallway, but sees nothing.
 When she goes back to bed, we see a figure in the room with her as she starts to fall asleep. Annie wakes up to use the bathroom and thinks she sees a figure go past in the hall. Upon going to investigate, the lights flicker, and she hastily grabs a knife from the kitchen. She enters Liz's room and finds Liz's bed empty, then begins to check the rest of the house for her.
 As she enters the living room, the door to the closet suddenly opens and an unknown force tries to pull Annie in. Annie manages to kick the door shut, then runs out of the house only to hear Eva crying from inside. Realizing that she can't leave her, Annie re-enters the house, fighting against the unknown presence as she makes her way to Eva. With Eva in her arms, Annie runs back out of the house as the lights continue to flicker.
At the police station, no one believes Annie's story and a police officer, Bill Creek (Van Dien), attempts to coax Annie into re-telling her story. When they begin to talk, he implies that Annie may have played a part in both her sister's and cousin's disappearances. She gets upset and starts to leave, but then returns because she wants to find out what happened to her family. Bill then reminds her about Eva, who is currently on her own.
In a motel, Annie notices the map light up on her phone, highlighting the address from the night before. When she switches the map to street view, she sees a blurred figure in a white and red floral dress. She looks up the address on her computer and the same figure is revealed in the same location, but when she scrolls to look at the surroundings, the figure changes to stare at Annie, her hand pointing upwards.
 Later that same night, on her way back from the vending machine, Annie looks in the window of the room next door and sees the shirtless man from her dream crying on the bed. She goes back into her room and looks in the mirror, the reflection revealing a gruesome scene behind her. She turns to see a dead women in a white and red floral dress on her bed, her severed head strung up. Annie screams and leaps for the door, only for it to shut in her face. She wakes suddenly, revealing it to be a dream.
While sitting in a diner, Annie sorts through some of her mother's papers and discovers a room she has never seen before on the blueprints for the house. Creek returns to the house with Annie, where she tears down a wall to reveal a door to another room. Inside the room, Annie discovers holes in the walls that enable the viewer to see into the other rooms of the house. She tells Creek that her mother (or more precisely, her mother's spirit) led her into that room to help her find out what happened to Nicole and Liz. He tells her that there's nothing he can do but take some pictures.
Annie visits a girl she went to school with, Stevie (Hudson), who supposedly has psychic powers. Stevie and her friend Giles (Ball) go with Annie to the house to see if Stevie can see anything that might help uncover the truth. Stevie asks to go to Annie's mother's room, but when she finds nothing there, Stevie wanders into the hallway and the lights begin to flicker. She claims that Annie's mother is there, then points to a cupboard and asks Annie 'what's in there?'. Stevie becomes visibly upset, saying she can see what Annie's mother used to do to her and her sister in that room. Stevie opens the closet door and asks Annie what's on the other side.
 Annie directs her to the hidden room with the holes in the walls, where Stevie starts to have a fit, saying "this is where they go when they go" and repeating the name "Judas". Stevie falls onto the floor, an invisible force sliding her on the floor, and starts to scream as she looks at the ceiling. Annie and Giles look up to see the corpse of a woman in a white and red floral dress floating above them. Giles picks up Stevie and runs out of the house. Annie follows them out of the room, then turns see the woman standing in the doorway. 
Annie follows the others outside and asks Stevie who the woman was, having realized it is not her mother's spirit that's haunting the house. Crying, Stevie says "they didn't want anyone to know" while Giles puts her in the car. Annie continues to shout questions to Stevie till Giles hits her and reprimands her for working Stevie into such a state. Annie hits him back and demands to talk to Stevie, but he gets in the car and they drive away.
Release date: 8 June 2012
User Votes: 6.1
Countries: USA,
Stars: Caity Lotz, Casper Van Dien, Agnes Bruckner,
Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller,
MPAA Rating: Unknown
Runtime: 89 minutes