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The Gospel of Us is a 2012 British drama based on the Owen Sheers novel of the same name and the three day Passion play that Sheen acted in in his home town of Port Talbot in April 2011. Directed by Dave McKean, the film stars Michael Sheen as The Teacher, a man who has lost all memory of who he is and of the danger his town is facing from a company, ICU.
A group of people are
filming a home movie on the beach when they are interrupted by two men in the background. One of the men, The Stranger (Nigel Barrett) becomes violent towards the other man, The Teacher (Michael Sheen) and chases him away. he then runs towards the camera and grabs it, screaming, 'Forty days!' into it.
A young girl watches a news broadcast where a woman (Di Botcher) is showing photographs of her missing son, The Teacher. On the beach at dawn, people gather at the water's edge. The Stranger walks into the water and waits there. From the sand dunes The Teacher, dressed in bedraggled clothing, appears and walks the to water.
 He removes his clothes and walks into the sea towards The Stranger, who pushes him under the water. When The Teacher emerges, he cries and is carried to shore where he is wrapped in a cloth and carried away while the people sing, 'He is come.'
Later that day there is a gathering at the beach, where the council await a visit from ICU, a company who has worked closely with the town for years. Entertainers perform for the crowds but are interrupted by The Stranger, who digs a door out of the sand. He stands the door up and from behind it appears a young boy with the likeness of The Teacher. As soon as it begins, the event is over and the celebrations continue until the Company Man (Hywel Simons) arrives by boat, accompanied by his Security Chief (Gerald Tyler) and full security team. 
The Company Man begins addressing the people of the town but is interrupted when a woman (Francine Morgan) strapped with explosives emerges from the crowd. A masked man who has hijacked the tannoy system (Jordan Bernarde) threatens to detonate the bomb if the company do not leave the town.
 Before anything happens, The Teacher appears at the waves and walks to the woman, talking to her. He discovers that her name is Joanna and asks her to tell him her story. He removes the bomb and the two embrace, but before any of the security or police can speak with them, they are gone. The bomber is arrested and taken away.
Later that day ICU holds a conference at the town hall to discuss their plans for the town. Before going live, the Company man speaks to the mayor about why he can't tell the people of the town that they will all be moved on, and that he must lie to them, much to the majors upset. The Company Man takes to the mic and explains to the people of the town that in addition to the M4 motorway that runs through the town, the company will be adding a new road, entitled the Passover Project.
 He explains that families who's houses stand in the way will be rehomed. The people of the town start to revolt, until one woman is shot by the Security Chief. The Teacher appears and cradles her. When questioned by the Company Man about what he wants, he replies, 'I came here to listen!'
The teacher gathers more followers; a fisherman, Peter (David Rees Talbot), Alfie (Darren Lawrence),
 a man who is haunted by the ghosts of people who used to live in his street, homeless twins with no name who he calls Legion (John-Paul Macleod, Matthew Aubrey), his brother whom he doesn't recognise, Kyle (Kyle Rees) and a musician, Simon (Matt Woodyatt). At the shopping centre, his mother finds him, but he doesn't recognise her.
Later that night, The Teacher and his friends celebrate at Peter's local club. They share sandwiches and watch a variety of musical acts (including Paul Potts, Iwan Rheon and The Manic Street Preachers. The Teacher is volunteered to draw the raffle, and his mother approaches him again. She gives him a photograph of him and his daughter, who he doesn't remember.
 The encounter visibly moves him, and he calls Joanne into a back room. There he asks her to give him up to ICU's security, and she reluctantly agrees. The friends stumble outside drunkenly, and there The Teacher sees visions of three women, his daughter, his wife and his mother-in-law. He then sees a vision of the Security Chief, covered in blood and adorned with antlers. He asks him to tell him his story, but the vision replies, 'I have no story. I am.'
After he dies, his followers wrap him in cloth and lower him gently, where his mother cradles his body and sings to him. Joanne approaches to remove the cloth to show the town their hero one last time, but when she does, his body is gone and in his place are hundreds of flowers. The Stranger appears on the podium, exclaiming, 'It is finished, it has begun!' and pulls back his hood to reveal himself as The Teacher.
Release date: 13 April 2012
User Votes: 4.6
Countries: UK,
Stars: Matthew Aubrey, Nigel Barrett, Jordan Bernarde,
Genres: Drama,