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About Cherry is a 2012 drama film and the directorial debut of Stephen Elliott. It is based on a script penned by Elliott and porn industry veteran, Lorelei Lee. It stars Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco, Heather Graham and Dev Patel. The project was filmed in San Francisco and premiered at 2012 Berlin International Film Festival.
cherry 2012
watch cherry movie online free, cherry 2012 movie online free, watch cherry now free. Watch cherry 2012 movie online. cherry 2012 is famous movie.cherry 2012 is directed by Stephen Elliott, cherry 2012 Written by Lorelei Lee Stephen Elliott, cherry 2012 is Genres: Drama movie, Runtime: 102 minutes, Stars of cherry 2012 are James Franco, Heather Graham, Sensi Pearl and cherry 2012 opens in theater on February 2012 (Berlin International Film Festival). cherry 2012  and  cherry 2012 is scheduled to be released on 25 December 2012 (Norway). So download and watch cherry 2012 Movie 100% free. 
cherry 2012
Director: Stephen Elliott
Writers: Lorelei Lee Stephen Elliott
Stars: James Franco, Heather Graham, Sensi Pearl
Genres: - Drama  Runtime:-102 minutes 25 December 2012 (Norway)
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Story Line: Watch and download cherry 2012 movie to enjoy it. cherry 2012 : Angelina (Hinshaw) is an 18-year-old girl not far from graduating from high school. Her boyfriend (Weston) makes the suggestion that she take naked pictures of herself and sell them. She is initially hesitant but does the photo shoot and uses the money to run away to San Francisco with her best friend Andrew (Patel). At a strip club party in the city, Angelina becomes acquainted with a wealthy lawyer, Frances (Franco) who offers to introduce her to a glamorous world of expensive dresses and lavish parties. Angelina also meets Margaret (Graham), a former porn star turned adult film director. Margaret offers Angelina, now using the porn name Cherry, direction in her entry into the San Francisco porn industry Download Link
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Ashley Hinshaw as Angelina
James Franco as Frances
Dev Patel as Andrew
Heather Graham as Margaret
Lili Taylor as Phyllis
Diane Farr as Jillian
Megan Boone as Jake
Jonny Weston
Steven Wiig
Zachary Culbertson
Ernest Waddell as Vaughn
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