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Olympus Has Fallen (2013)
movie info:
Director:Antoine Fuqua,Writers:Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt
Stars:Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman
Running time: 120 min, Release date:22 March 2013 (USA), Country:USA,Genas: Action | Thriller
Former U.S. Army Ranger Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is now a Secret Service agent assigned to head the Presidential Detail. He maintains a personal, friendly relationship with President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart), First Lady Margaret Asher (Ashley Judd), and particularly their son Connor Asher (Finley Jacobsen). On a drive from Camp David on the snowy night of December 22, 2010, the car transporting the President and First Lady crashes;
Banning saves Benjamin, but Margaret dies.

Eighteen months later, Banning works at the Treasury Department within eyesight of the White House, and wants to return to being a Secret Service agent on the Presidential detail, but Asher does not allow this as Banning brings up memories of the night Margaret died. During a meeting at the White House on July 5, 2012 between Asher and the South Korean Prime Minister, a Korean group leads a guerrilla attack against the White House. The assailants include an airplane attack against Washington D.C. by a stolen USAF AC-130 gunship, land forces disguised as citizens which initiate a car bomb attack, traitors within the security detail of the South Korean Prime Minister, and the current head of the Prime Minister's Detail, Dave Forbes (Dylan McDermott), who reveals himself to be a traitor. The assault ends with the Koreans capturing the White House and holding the President and several top officials hostage in the White House bunker, where they kill the South Korean Prime Minister. Agent Roma (Cole Hauser) informs Lynne Jacobs (Angela Bassett), the head of the Secret Service, that "Olympus has fallen" before getting killed.

Gerard Butler as Mike Banning, a former U.S. Army Ranger and now Secret Service agent
Aaron Eckhart as President Benjamin Asher
Angela Bassett as Lynne Jacobs, the head of the Secret Service
Robert Forster as General Edward Clegg
Cole Hauser as Agent Roma, a Secret Service agent
Ashley Judd as Margaret Asher, the First Lady of the United States
Melissa Leo as Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan
Dylan McDermott as Dave Forbes, an ex-Secret Service agent now working for the South Korean Prime Minister's private security detail.
Radha Mitchell as Leah Banning, a nurse and Mike's wife
Rick Yune as Kang Yeonsak, a North Korean terrorist who disguises himself as a South Korean ministerial aide
Lance Broadway as O'Neil
Sean O'Bryan as Ray Monroe
Keong Sim as Lee Tae-Woo
Tory Kittles as Jones, a member of the President's security detail
Finley Jacobsen as Connor Asher, the son of Benjamin and Margaret Asher
Phil Austin as Vice President Charlie Rodriguez
James Ingersoll as Admiral Nathan Hoenig
Freddy Bosche as Diaz
Kevin Moon as Cho
Malana Lea as Lim
Sam Medina as Yu
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