Fast & Furious 6 (2013) movie in HD online free

Fast & Furious 6 (2013) Hollywood Action movie free online

After the events of Fast Five, professional criminal Dominic Toretto and his crew of international thieves and drivers are wealthy, but their criminal records prevent them from returning to their home countries. Following his attempts to apprehend them, Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agent Luke Hobbs is forced to offer the crew a deal; he will give them all full pardons for their crimes if they will help him take down a lethally skilled mercenary organization led by a former British special forces officer turned criminal mastermind Owen Shaw and his ruthless second-in-command, Dominic's thought-dead lover, Letty Ortiz
Maker's Biography :
Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker
Director: Justin Lin
Writers: Chris Morgan (screenplay), Gary Scott Thompson (characters)
Country: United States.
Categories: Action, Crime, Thriller
Running time: 130 minutes
Release date: 24 May 2013 (USA)

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