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Sleepwalk with Me is a 2012 American independent comedy film written by, directed by, and starring comedian Mike Birbiglia. The film premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and won the Best of NEXT
sleepwalk with me 2012
 Audience Award.It was produced by Jacob Jaffke and This American Life's Ira Glass in association with Bedrocket Entertainment and WBEZ Chicago.
Plot: A burgeoning stand-up comedian struggles with the stress of a stalled career, a stale relationship, and the wild spurts of severe sleepwalking he is desperate to ignore.
Sleepwalk with Me is a comedy written by, directed by and starring comedian Mike Birbiglia, based on a true story he told in his one-man off-Broadway show and his first book. 
The film follows the journey of an aspiring comedian in denial about his girlfriend, his career, and, most significantly, his sleepwalking disorder. The more he fails to express his true feelings, the more his anxiety comes out in increasingly funny and dangerous sleepwalking incidents.
User Votes: 7.0
Countries: USA,
Stars: Mike Birbiglia, Lauren Ambrose, James Rebhorn, See full cast and crew,
Genres: Comedy,
MPAA Rating: Unknown
Runtime: 90 minutes
Directed by Mike Birbiglia
Produced by Ira Glass
Jacob Jaffke
Written by Mike Birbiglia
Ira Glass
Joe Birbiglia
Seth Barrish
Starring Mike Birbiglia
Lauren Ambrose
Carol Kane
James Rebhorn
Cristin Milioti
Music by Andrew Hollander
Cinematography Adam Beckman
Editing by Geoffrey Richman Download Link
Studio Bedrocket Media
WBEZ Chicago
Distributed by IFC Films
Release date(s)
January 23, 2012 (Sundance Film Festival)
August 24, 2012 (United States)
Country United States
Language English