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Samsara is a non-narrative film created by filmmakers Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson. The film is described as a sequel or continuation of the highly acclaimed 1992 film Baraka, which was also directed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson. 
samsara 2011
The word Sa?sara is
a Sanskrit word that means world or "cyclic existence", but is used often to describe worldly activities, and in the words of Fricke, the film "will delve deeper into my favorite theme: humanity's relationship to the eternal." 
As with Baraka, this new film was shot in 70 mm film using Panavision System 65, and uses music to help propel the film forward.
Samsara premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2011 shown in 4K resolution digital projection. 
No 70mm prints have been planned.US Release is scheduled for August 24, 2012. Worldwide theatrical release is scheduled for late summer 2012.

Plot: Filmed over a period of five years in twenty-five countries on five continents, and shot on 70mm film, Samsara transports us to the varied worlds of sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial complexes, and natural wonders.
Synopsis from the official site "About Samsara".:
"Expanding on the themes they developed in BARAKA (1992) and CHRONOS (1985), SAMSARA explores the wonders of our world from the mundane to the miraculous, looking into the unfathomable reaches of man’s spirituality and the human experience. 
Neither a traditional documentary nor a travelogue, SAMSARA takes the form of a nonverbal, guided meditation."
Release date: 23 August 2012
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