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the tall man 2012
The Tall Man is a 2012 American mystery film written and directed by Pascal Laugier. It was filmed in the Kootenay region of Southeastern British Columbia and stars Jessica Biel. the tall man 2012 movie online free. Watch the tall man 2012 movie online. the tall man 2012 is famous movie.the tall man 2012 is Horror, Mystery, Thriller the tall man 2012 is 100 minutes -Horror, Mystery, Thriller,movie and the tall man 2012 opens in theater on 31 August 2012(USA). the tall man 2012 is directed byPascal Laugier, the tall man 2012 Written by
Pascal Laugier and Stars of the tall man 2012 are Jessica Biel Jodelle Ferland Stephen McHattie. the tall man 2012 is scheduled to be released on 25 September 2012(USA). So download and watch the tall man 2012 Movie 100% free.
the tall man 2012
100 minutes - Horror, Mystery, Thriller - 31 August 2012(USA)
Directors: Pascal Laugier
Writers: Pascal Laugier 
Stars: Jessica Biel Jodelle Ferland Stephen McHattie
The Tall Man
Story Line: Watch and download the tall man 2012 movie to enjoy it. the tall man 2012 : A nurse races to rescue her young son from a seemingly supernatural figure who's been snatching children from a depressed mining town in this downbeat tale of terror from Martyrs director Pascal Laugier. For years, a mysterious entity known as the Tall Man has been abducting children from Cold Rock. The moment they vanish, they're never seen again. Once a prosperous mining town, Cold Rock has fallen to ruin, yet local nurse Julia (Jessica Biel) writes off rumors of the elusive Tall Man as local superstition. Then one night, to her horror, Julia awakens to find her son David in the arms of the spectral figure, who steals the boy away into the darkness. Now Julia won't stop searching for David until he's back safe in her arms, and the truth about the missing children of Cold Rock is finally revealed.

Jessica Biel as Julia Dunning
Jodelle Ferland as Jenny
Stephen McHattie as Lt. Dodd
Jakob Davies as David
William B. Davis as Sheriff Chestnut Download Link